How To Make a Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Shopping List

Well, it’s Christmas time again and you know what that means: shopping! Now in order to ensure that you will have everything you’ll need to celebrate this important holiday, you’re going to have to make your own Christmas shopping list, and just in case you’re running out of time, you need to know how to make an effective one. Last-Minute Christmas Shopping ListThe stores are definitely filled with customers looking to buy all sorts of Christmas-related products, whether we’re talking about groceries, ingredients, appliances or decorations. On the other hand, you can also try your luck at online Christmas shopping, since this can save you a lot of time and effort. Whatever your choice, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to make a perfect Christmas shopping list against the clock, so that you may be properly prepared for this year’s holydays.

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping List

1. Simplicity Is Key

If you are in a rush to buy presents, you definitely shouldn’t waste your time with elaborate gifts. Instead, simple yet endearing products would definitely work just as well, especially if you know what you’re looking for. In order to find a great gift for a family member, friend or loved one, you just need to focus on the receiver’s interest and hobbies.

For example, coffee lovers would definitely appreciate a nicely decorated pack of Fair Trade coffee, while tea lovers would love a pretty teacup and saucer set containing a pack of high quality tea. For music enthusiasts, just make a playlist with songs they would enjoy and burn it to a CD. You can also make a personalized cover for the CD case where you could write the artists and titles of the songs. Alternatively, you should purchase a concert ticket for his or hers favorite artist or band, while an iTunes voucher can also represent a thoughtful gift.

If the recipient loves books and you don’t have enough time to search for a proper one, just buy a book voucher! You can also buy an all-time classic from a secondhand bookstore and decorate it accordingly before presenting it to the recipient.

Foodies would definitely love you if you’d buy them a bottle of the best olive or walnut oil as well as some Italian bread sticks, a box of chocolates, some spices and a bottle of fine wine. You can, of course, replace these with more fitting examples if you wish. If the recipient has developed a taste for fine jewelry, you can always purchase a simple yet beautiful gold or silver piece. As always, a voucher for a boutique jewelry store can work just as well.

Those who enjoy baking could be pleasantly surprised with new baking tools such as mixing bowls, wooden spoons, silicon baking pan shapes or pastry brushes. Some good recipes can also come in handy. Finally, if the recipient is known to have a sweet tooth, just buy him or her a bunch of Christmas candies such as chocolate Santas or reindeer drops.

2. Avoid The Crowds

Doing your Christmas shopping in a crowded supermarket or a noisy store can sometimes trick you into buying something you don’t like just so you can get away faster. In order to avoid this, make sure to shop at local boutique stores or at deserted city centers. On a general basis, just try to avoid stores that throw last-minute sales or stores that sell Christmas items exclusively. If you do end up in a supermarket, though, just make a good plan and head only for the isles that you are interested in. Buy what you need and nothing else!

3. Consolidate The List

If you would buy many things at once from a single store, you would end up saving a lot of time. Therefore, consolidate your Christmas shopping list and buy the stuff you need from a single place if possible. If not, just try not to get carried away and spend your entire day from store to store, since you could use that time to do something much more productive instead.

4. Spend Time Writing The List

Just because you have a good idea of what you are about to buy, this doesn’t mean that you should just rush into making the list, since you will definitely forget something. The thing about lists is that once you make one, you tend to focus entirely on what is on it, so if you forget to write something down in the first place, you’ll most likely skip it altogether.  Spend at least half an hour making the list and check it thoroughly before going on your shopping trip!

5. Create A Special Christmas Card or Video

Sure, you could very well talk with your friends and family members over the phone or on the internet, but if they are really far away, you might want to consider making them a very special Christmas card or video. Just record or write down your message and send them to the recipient the night before Christmas, so that it will be waiting for them when they wake up. Keep in mind that your friends might be living in a different time zone, so they might receive your gift either earlier or later than you planned.

6. Donate Your Time

If you find yourself having a bit of extra time, you can always ask around and see who needs a helping hand. Preparing for Christmas together is a great way for family members and friends to catch up and get into the holyday spirit. You can offer to walk your friend’s pet, or you can do some housesitting while they are gone shopping. Cleaning the house or tidying the garden can also go a long way.

7. Offer To Buy A Gift During Post-Christmas Sales

This may indeed sound like an odd proposition at first, but if you and the recipient both appreciate a good bargain, then you will definitely have no problem in going shopping after Christmas and buying a gift during the post-holiday sales. Just enjoy Christmas for its real meaning and leave the gifting for later!

8. Write A Poem or Short Story

If you are particularly good at writing, you can use your talent to create a short story or a poem and give it to someone close to your heart. You can describe the recipient in your little poem and write about all the things you appreciate about him or her. A hand-made gift from the heart is always cherished.

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