How to Make Halloween Buckets at Home

Halloween Buckets

Halloween Buckets

Yes, you can buy the Halloween bucket (or bag) from a store, but that isn’t as fun as making it yourself with a little precious help from your kid. Set your imagination free and create something unique and creative. Encourage your child to contribute to the design and manufacturing process. It will give him or her a sense of accomplishment that is essential to the healthy development of self-esteem.

1. Pumpkin Bucket

Pumpkin Bucket

Obviously, one of the best shapes you can go with is that of a pumpkin! You can make one out of cardboard, but you have to be extra careful with how you keep its bottom weight resistant, because your little one is definitely poised on bringing home tons of sweets.

If you want something more reliable, why not go for a real pumpkin? Not a huge one, but one that will be easily carried around by a child. You just have to carve it like you would any pumpkin that you intend to use as decoration, only this time you should try to make the walls much thinner (you don’t want it to be too heavy even when empty).

To avoid getting the treats dirty from the wet pumpkin walls, use a tin or plastic foil to line the interior. Finally, make two holes on the sides and pass a rope through them to be used as a handle.

2. Monster Bucket

Monster Bucket

Next time you go to the movies, keep your extra-large popcorn bucket! Actually, any type of cardboard or plastic bucket will do the trick. Put it in front of you and start getting creative. Wrap and line the bucket with colored paper and let your kid draw a funny face on it.

It can be a pirate, a monster, a witch, a clown, or whatever he or she wants. As a final touch, you two can give the character some hair, eyebrows,glasses or mustacheusing rope, feathers, grass or whatever else you can come up with.

3. Jar Buckets

Jar Buckets

These cute jar-buckets are not suitable for trick-or-treating for more than one reason, but they are excellent for displaying sweets around the house. For a really nice effect paint the inside of the transparent jars with a light color, and then draw funny/eerie faces on the outside using dark shades. Place a circle of wire around the jar’s mouth and then use more wire to create the handle.

Don’t forget that this model is not for your kids to use while trick-or-treating. It is too small for that purpose, and a larger one would only mean extra weight. But most importantly, it is a glass container, which can break, making it very unsafe for children.


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