Majestic Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

The stunning Trevi Fountain can be found in the Trevi district of Italy’s capital, Rome, and it currently represents one of the most renowned fountains in the world and the largest Baroque fountain in the city. This enormous landmark is no less than 161.3 feet wide and 86 feet tall, and due to its incredible heritage and significance, it was featured in multiple successful motion pictures.

Trevi Fountain in Rome 8

The original Trevi fountain could be found at the terminal point of the Acqua Vergine aqueduct that used to supply fresh water to the citizens of Rome. However, Pope Urban VIII considered that the modest fountain deserved a much more refined and majestic look, which is why he commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini to design a renovation project. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned after the Pope died, but another redesigning endeavor was carried out by Nicola Salvi at the request of Pope Clement XII. The construction project started in 1732 and lasted until 1762, even though Slavi himself died in 1751. Recently, in 1998 more specifically, the fountain was renovated and equipped with recirculating pumps. Furthermore, in 2013, Italian fashion company Fendi agreed to sponsor the complete restoration of the fountain by providing 2.2 million Euros for a 20-month restoration project.

Trevi Fountain in Rome 6

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Coin throwing is highly popular in Rome at the Trevi Fountain, so much that it is actually estimated that 3,000 Euros are being thrown here every day. Even though there have been numerous attempts to steal the coins, most of the money was used to create a supermarket for Rome’s unprivileged citizens.

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Trevi Fountain in Rome

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