Majestic Mount Hua in Shaanxi, China

As one of China’s Five Great Mountains, Mount Hua can be found in close proximity to Huayin city in Shaanxi province. The mountain is famous for its narrow paths and high altitudes, and it features a total of 5 peaks, each quite extraordinary in their own way. Also known as Hua Shan, Mount Hua is one of China’s most significant natural landmarks from a cultural and religious point of view.

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Majestic Mount Hua in Shaanxi, China

The main peaks we mentioned before were named according to their specific cardinal orientations. The East Peak features 4 summits, out of which the Zhaoyang Feng stands out with an altitude of 6876 feet. Naturally, the East Peak is the best place to enjoy fantastic sunrise panoramas. The South Peak’s highest summit is called Luoyan Feng, and it flaunts a height of 7066, which also happens to be the highest point of Mount Hua. The West Peak comprises a single summit called Lianhua Feng, which translates to “Lotus Flower Summit” and features a height of 6830 feet. The North Peak is called Yuntai Feng or Cloud Terrace Peak and is the lowest of all since it has an altitude of just 5295 feet.

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Majestic Mount Hua in Shaanxi, China

Mount Huashan is also known for housing numerous Taoist temples such as the Jade Spring Temple or the Xiyue Temple. In order to fully appreciate the beauty of this exquisite natural landmark, tourists ascend the mountain by foot and descend via cable car. It’s good to start off the journey at the Jade Spring Temple and continue towards the Memorial Archway and Five Dragon Bridge. After passing through the ticket office, you would be able to admire some of the most spectacular attractions, including the Fish Stone, Stone Gate and the Qingke Terrace. There are a few dangerous passes at Mount Hua, especially on the way to the East Peak. We advise great caution if you choose to venture across the Hundred-Foot Crevice, Golden Lock Pass or Black Dragon Ridge passes, since these are known to be some of the most treacherous.

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Majestic Mount Hua in Shaanxi, China

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