Magnificent “Streets of Monaco” Superyacht

Sketched out by the experts at Yacht Island Design, the “Streets of Monaco” superyacht will definitely become one of the most spectacular vessels in the world once it is complete. As its name suggests, this fantastic creation is meant to replicate the highlights of one of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant cities – Monaco.

Streets of Monaco Superyacht 1

The “Streets of Monaco” was designed to include its own Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo Casino and La Rascasse club, but one of its most impressive attractions comes in the form of “The Oasis”. This cavernous space is located at the very rear-end of the vessel and boasts a huge Jacuzzi, waterfalls and gorgeous décor elements that remind of the gardens found outside the Monaco casino. The “Streets of Monaco” also flaunts its own Grand Prix track and numerous swimming pools, so it’s becoming quite clear that the fortunate passengers of this floating city would always benefit from the most exceptional entertainment facilities and amenities.

Streets of Monaco Superyacht 2

Streets of Monaco Superyacht

As far as accommodations are concerned, this amazing vessel flaunts 7 guest suites that can be found on the second floor. The VIP suites are particularly impressive, featuring 3,800 square feet of living space each as well as a generous amount of high-end conveniences. However, the owner’s suite is by far the most lavish area of the entire yacht, flaunting 15,000 square feet of space as well as 3 floors. All in all, the “Streets of Monaco” is able to house up to 16 guests and 70 crewmembers.

Streets of Monaco Superyacht 3

Streets of Monaco Superyacht

Yacht Island Design’s experts really managed to exceed all expectations when they designed this incredible superyacht, and even though it’s not complete just yet, it definitely shows huge promise.

Streets of Monaco Superyacht

Streets of Monaco Superyacht

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