Magnificent Story Pool House in Center Point, Texas

Who wouldn’t love to live in a house such as this? Surrounded by nothing but nature, away from the noise and dust of the city but still providing luxurious modern comforts, the Story Pool House can be found in Center Point, Texas.

Magnificent Story Pool House in Center Point, Texas (2)

The residence was sketched out by Lake Flato, and it flaunts a rather unusual exterior design based on an open space plan. Actually, the Story Pool House is centered on an open-air pavilion, which acts as a “sunrise to sunset” living space, providing sublime 360-degree views of the surrounding environment. Apart from this pavilion, the home also includes a kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, a screened bathroom that ensures utmost privacy, a storage area and a dining area. Furthermore, under the vine-covered arbor one can find a private deck.

The materials used in the construction process include Texas limestone, steel and wood, all blending beautifully into a sublime layout that comprises warm color palettes and sublime textures. This house boasts a very original and innovative overall design, which is why we invite you to admire it for yourself by browsing through the pictures we provided below.

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