Magnificent Serenad Chair by Ali Alavi

If you are looking for a set of chairs that would complement a modern living or working environment while adding a touch of elegance and grace, then you would most definitely enjoy owning a pair of Serenad Chairs.

Serenad Chair by Ali Alavi 1

Sketched out by an Iran-based designer named Ali Alavi, these exceptional furnishing pieces were actually inspired by sleeping swans. Indeed, the shape of the chair seems to resemble a swan sleeping with its head between its wings in a majestic display of elegance and grace.

Moreover, the designer also decided to use modern and high quality materials in the construction project of the Serenad Chair, which is how he managed to depict the reflection of the graceful birds as they float above the water. He achieved this by adorning the chair with a chrome finish that allows it to reflect various colors and textures that can be found in its vicinity.

Serenad Chair by Ali Alavi 2

Serenad Chair by Ali Alavi 3

Serenad Chair by Ali Alavi 5

Serenad Chair by Ali Alavi 7

Serenad Chair by Ali Alavi 9

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