Magnificent One and Only SkySuite Penthouse in Las Vegas

Flaunting breathtaking views of the city of Las Vegas as well as utter luxury and opulence, the One and Only SkySuite Penthouse is definitely one of the most spectacular abodes in the world. It was completed in 2006, and it comprises 6 bathrooms along with 4 deluxe bedrooms, all beautifully decorated and lavishly appointed with high-end conveniences of all sorts.

Magnificent One and Only SkySuite Penthouse in Las Vegas (3)

The SkySuite’s architecture is based on a beautifully customized Jet Set gusto that embodies refinement as well as elegance. The west and south facing areas benefit from exquisite panoramas of the Las Vegas Strip and of the Red Rock Mountain Ranges, which can be observed in their entire splendor due to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Measuring 5,000 square feet, the interiors provide great opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, such as gatherings, parties, private lounging or dining. Additionally, screening rooms, separate bathroom suites, utility and service areas along with fantastic outdoor terraces are all part of the deal.

A perfect place to call home for a middle-aged or young couple, this penthouse is surely a privilege and an absolute delight to inhabit.

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