Magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

If you’re thinking about visiting Europe and you haven’t yet decided what to visit, we recommend you include the Neuschwanstein Castle on your list, especially if you are passionate about architecture and history.

Castle in Bavaria, Germany (18)

And even if you’re not, you should still take the time to visit this extraordinary engineering masterpiece, since its unique layout, superb location and incredible interior arrangements have the potential to transport you back to the 19th century, during the reign of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. You see, the great king originally commissioned this mighty Romanesque Revival palace to serve as his personal retreat and as a homage to the famed German composer and conductor Richard Wagner. Another interesting fact is that the project was funded by Ludwig himself using money out of his own treasury, which is commendable indeed.

After the king’s death in 1886, the Neuschwanstein Castle officially opened its doors to the public, receiving an overflow of over 60 million visitors since. During our days, the castle is being entered by over 1.3 million guests each year, especially during the summer time when it welcomes about 6,000 people a day.

Since Ludwig paid for the construction out of his own pocket, it stands to reason that he would have been directly involved in both the exterior and interior design of the castle. From the numerous array of rooms contained within, we can mention the Throne Room, Singers’ Hall, the Grotto and Ludwig’s suite, as these are by far the most important and visited ones. The Hall of Singers and the Throne Room are definitely the largest, both flaunting exquisite decorations and various works of art reminiscent of Germany’s rich historical heritage.

The entire building actually consists of a series of smaller structures that stretch across a distance of 492 feet at the edge of a cliff. The castle also includes a series of ornamental turrets, sculptures, pinnacles, balconies and towers, all adding to an extreme sense of elegance and opulence.

When it was built, the castle was a pinnacle of comfort and sophistication, boasting a wide array of modern technologies such as a battery-powered bell system for telephone lines as well as warm water and toilets with automatic flushing.

As you can see, the incredible Neuschwanstein Castle is by far one of the most impressive tourist destinations in Germany.

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