Madonna, Deformed by Botox.

The star was unrecognizable on the red carpet in Venice.Madonna would do anything to mask the 53 years. Even though she says that maintains beauty with Kabbalah meditation and the press is rumored to appeal to face cream from human placenta.Botox is all that helps get rid of any wrinkles, even the expression. Unfortunately, her esthetician bit exaggerated, and her face is not only swollen like a watermelon, but it is deformed.We all know that Madonna refuses to grow old. She has loved for 20 +, refuse to dress like a grandmother and is a young sport so something forceful. However, it fails to mach that is already third age!

Madonna, Deformed by Botox. (2)

And her face is one that is most affected. Madonna appeared at the Venice Film Festival with glasses, even though it was evening, just to hide her face from photographers’ lenses.Diva made ​​her courage and drew a smile on their face, but which revealed a face swollen and almost unrecognizable.

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