Made-To-Measure 3D Printed Normal Earbuds

Did you ever try to use someone else’s earbuds and found yourself constantly trying to catch them because they fell out at the lightest tilt of your head? That can become a very frustrating experience for anybody. What’s even more irritating is when you realize you’ve spent a lot of money on a pair of earbuds and you can’t tell if they were worth it. They were supposed to provide out-of-this-world sound quality, but they wouldn’t stay in your ears long enough for you to figure out how good they really were.

3D Printed Normal Earbuds Black

Thankfully, those sad stories can now come to an end. The makers of the new Normal Earbuds have found the best possible solution to the problem. Using advanced 3D printing technologies, they can make custom buds for every single buyer, respecting the natural shape of his or her ear. All you need to do is use the company’s app – The Normals App – and take photos of your ears. Then you simply choose your favorite color and send your order.

Back at the NYC factory, experts will start printing your personalized earbuds and then send them for you to use with great satisfaction. If you live in New York or somewhere nearby, you can even visit the factory and witness the manufacturing process yourself. Your $199 Normal Earbuds can be made on site and you can leave the facility with a sense of satisfaction in your heart, good music in your ears, and a big smile on your face.

3D Printed Normal Earbuds Blue

3D Printed Normal Earbuds Pink

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