Luxurious Custom iMacs Embellished with Precious Materials

Here’s a really special gift idea for someone dear who you know needs a new computer. Any Apple gadget makes an excellent present, but this one just surpasses every expectation, as a symbol of true opulence. It will bring an extra dose of elegance and luxury to the recipient’s working desk or private office.

Luxurious Custom iMacs Embellished with Precious Materials (8)

These redesigned iMacs have had their original cases replaced with new ones, made of precious materials. Priced at up to $100,000, the computers are customizable and can be garnished with jade, onyx, malachite, and ivory. The Apple logo is also customizable, meaning that the buyer can order it in gold. Unfortunately, this cannot make a good Christmas gift, for the simple reason that one such luxurious iMac takes 2 months to complete, and the winter holidays are almost here.


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