Luxe The Lady 8 Watch by Jaquet Droz

The luxurious Lady 8 watch by Jaquet Droz is an embodiment of luxury, elegance and femininity, featuring a unique, curvaceous and elegant representation of the number 8 on its dial. In order to enhance its already original and breathtaking appearance, the watchmaking experts at Jaquet Droz decided to adorn their product with lavish diamonds or garnets.

The Lady 8 Watch by Jaquet Droz 2

The precious stones were arranged in a beautiful ribbon-like pattern, but one of the most exquisite adornments by far comes in the form of a large pearl placed at the top of the case. The watch comes in 3 distinct versions, each flaunting its own sense of style and opulence. However, the domed sapphire glass that protects the dial from the elements and the fine alligator strap are ever-present elements no matter the version.

The Lady 8 Watch by Jaquet Droz 1

Luxe The Lady 8 Watch by Jaquet Droz

The variants differ in color and worth, since 2 of them involve red or white gold while the other comes in stainless steel.  In order to match the simplicity and beauty of the number 8, the folding clasp was also shaped to reflect infinity. If you want to admire this fabulous timepiece yourself, all you have to do is take a look at the following images.

The Lady 8 Watch by Jaquet Droz 4

Luxe The Lady 8 Watch by Jaquet Droz

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