Luxe Honeycomb Furniture by Versace & Haas Brothers

Exquisite details, expensive materials and sublime adornments are all present in this deluxe furniture range by Versace and The Haas Brothers. The collection includes a bench, lamps, 2 tables, 2 armchairs, a sofa and a lavish Donatella chair (a futuristic throne) all boasting leather and gold elements. The pieces were showcased at the Salone del Mobile in Milan between April 9 and April 14, and they were highly appreciated by luxury lovers.

Luxe Honeycomb Furniture by Versace & Haas Brothers (5)

The collection is meant to inspire utmost comfort and opulence, boasting polished brass hexagons, black leather and Versace’s logo. Furthermore, New York-based director Alexa Karolinski agreed to produce a 90-minute movie that provides some insight into the history of honeycomb furniture and its production process.

No word on the price just yet, but Versace seems to hint that it will be quite steep.

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