Luxe Beach House by Sunset Homes

Many beach houses are quite exceptional in their own right, but surely, none can compare to this stunning Sunset Homes Beach House built in Meads Bay, Anguilla. With its contemporary exterior design, luxurious interior arrangements and breathtaking views of the nearby ocean, it’s pretty safe to say that this house is a perfect place to call home.

Luxe Beach House by Sunset Homes 14

Accommodations include 8 lavish bedrooms that come packed with modern amenities and state-of-the-art facilities, while multiple glass elements ensure an uninterrupted transition between the indoor and outdoor areas. As far as the main living areas are concerned, they were adorned with a series of wood elements for a touch of warmth and comfort, while oversized stone tiles and stainless steel trims also contribute to the home’s clean, modern appearance.

As far as the outdoors is concerned, multiple Palm trees and beautifully trimmed gardens give off a sense of peace and tranquility, while a spectacular swimming pool was placed conveniently towards the beach and ocean so that the lucky inhabitants of this splendid house could admire astonishing sunset views from the comfort of their own abode.


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