Luxe 24kt Gold Leather and Fur Collection by Mi Piaci

Fashion retailer Mi Piaci recently introduced a fabulous collection of bags and clutches that boast high-quality leather clad in pure 24k gold. For an ultimate feel of luxury and sophistication, the pieces feature bright and bold colors such as lobster orange, complemented by beautiful glossy gold.

Luxe 24kt Gold Leather and Fur Collection by Mi Piaci (7)

The collection includes five 24kt gold-leather handbags: the Sophi Clutch, the Silvia Crossbody, the Melania Top-handle bag, the Mila wristlet, and the Bella Boston bag.

The company also collaborated with Roberto Masci, a renowned furrier and former employee of Chanel and Fendi, in order to fabricate the Mi Piaci Fantasy Fur Collection. This collection includes unique handbags, gloves, jackets, fur coats and scarves, all imbued with 24kt gold.

The technology behind these incredible gold adornments is called “Precious Surface”, and it is used to introduce gold deposits upon a leather surface, creating a resilient and consistent texture.

And now some examples! The Melania Alligator is a superb top handle bag covered in 24kt gold flaunting double round handles, sublime lobster orange calfskin side panels, orange silk lining, gold-plate hardware and the magnificent Mi Piaci logo. This beauty is priced at $17,495.Luxe 24kt Gold Leather and Fur Collection by Mi Piaci (5)

The Sophi Alligator clutch benefits from gold-plated hardware and a 24kt gold silhouette. It has sublime lobster orange calfskin side panels and stitching, a safe lock closure, orange silk lining. Also exhibiting the Mi Piaci Logo, this clutch will set you back $6,095.Luxe 24kt Gold Leather and Fur Collection by Mi Piaci (4)

All Mi Piaci products have a certificate of authenticity from SGS and comprise genuine materials.

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