Lovers Reunite After Breaking Up 30 Years Ago, What Happens Next Is Inspiring

Over 30 years ago, the artist Marina Abramovic had a love affair with a man by the name of Ulay, while they lived out of a van that they called home.  Sadly, their relationship came to an end, as most do, and they decided to part ways.  Unlike most couples, they decided to do it dramatically.  Starting at opposite ends of the Great Wall of China, they walked towards each other and met in the middle.  After hugging for one last time, they broke up and never saw each other again.

Lovers Reunite After Breaking Up 30 Years Ago, What Happens Next Is Inspiring

Then, in 2010, Marina Abramovic held a live art performance at the Museum of Modern Art called, ‘The Artist is Present.’  The objective was for complete strangers to come and sit down across the table from her and stare into each others eyes for an entire minute.  What Marina was about to find out was that she was about to meet someone unexpected.  Ulay showed up without letting her know he was coming, and the reactions from both of them are too difficult to describe with words.  Lovers reunite after 30 years and the emotions are evident.

True love rarely ever dies, and stays with us for our entire lives. It doesn’t hurt that the song that accompanies this video is super sad.

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