The Lovely Historic Town of Arpino in Italy

Visiting small towns can sometimes prove even more fulfilling than spending time in a famous metropolis. While noisy, busy cities do have a lot to offer and are fascinating in many ways, the charm of a small historic town is really peerless. So if you’re planning to discover something unique in a lovely little place, we recommend you visit Arpino in Italy. Especially if your last name is Rea.

Arpino in Italy Panorama

To clarify that last statement, we’ll just need to tell you that there are over 200 families in Arpino whose last name is Rea. Many descendants of immigrants born in this town currently live in the US, Scotland and Northern England. So visiting this place is like going home, even though you will probably not know anybody there. You can enjoy the local culture and history, though, and that’s actually the point of travelling anyway.

Arpino has been the native home of many important people in history. One thing that Cicero (one or Rome’s greatest philosophers), Gaius Marius (aka “the third founder of Rome”), Marcus Agrippa (defeater of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra), Giuseppe Cesari (17th century Mannerist painter), and Gioacchino Conti (famous 18th century opera singer) have in common is that they were all born in this ancient town of Italy.

You will find a variety of museums that will tell you much about the historic settlement’s past. The Museum of Lute Making, the Museum of the Wool Trade, the Museum of the Printing Arts, and the permanent collection at the Mastroianni Foundation are some of the local attractions you should not miss. You can also take some time to see the town’s 15th century castle, its adjacent church, Piazza Municipio, and the quiet and elegant Civita Falconara quarter. And when you get hungry, you will have plenty of different local foods to try out during your visit. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

The Lovely Historic Town of Arpino in Italy

Town of Arpino in Italy

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