Lovely Fiat 500 Collection of Tables and Sofas

If you are a fan of the Fiat 500, you will definitely appreciate this incredible collection of tables, consoles and sofas that were inspired in their design by the classic and loveable front end of the small Italian car. The Fiat 500 Collection is actually the result of a fruitful collaboration between a high-end furniture manufacturer named Meritalia and skilled designer Lapo Elkann.

Lovely Fiat 500 Collection of Tables and Sofas (4)

The line’s centerpiece is undoubtedly the sofa, which measures 50.5 inches and was made using a steel perimeter frame. Furthermore, the customer can choose the desired color pattern for the seat as well as the material (leather or fabric). As we mentioned before, the collection also includes a console and a table, both completing the sofa perfectly in terms of design.

As for the price, the console and table are each worth $5,500, while the sofa will set you back $7,000. However, if you take into consideration the exclusivity and originality of these furnishing pieces, you come to realize that the aforementioned prices are actually quite reasonable.

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