Lovely Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua Luxury Resort

If you are looking for that perfect place that will satisfy your luxury and relaxation needs in full, the incredible Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua resort might just be the perfect place for you. The resort’s name was inspired by the elements of water (Amatra) and earth (Terra), and it can be found in Indonesia, on the southern coast of Bali, in close proximity to the amazing beaches of Nusa Dua.

Lovely Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua Luxury Resort (6)

This haven of wellness and relaxation was inspired in its design by the architecture of the old 13th century Majapahit Empire, which was centered around the island of Java (current Indonesia) between 1293 and 1500.

Accommodations include 39 lavishly appointed villas, all boasting high-end amenities and exquisite decorations throughout. The resort offers one, two, or three-bedroom villas according to the client’s preferences and needs. The interior arrangements include joyful and colorful patterns as well as high-quality materials complemented by an extensive list of conveniences such as high-end entertainment systems, luxe bathrooms, open lounge areas, private swimming pools and gazebos.

The resort was actually created using a lovely blend of modern and traditional Balinese elements, which help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to be enjoyed by all visitors, whether they came here to savor a relaxing family retreat or a romantic honeymoon. Furthermore, guests are able to stay in shape by spending some time at the state-of-the-art gymnasium, while the meeting room can be used for conferences or presentations. There is also a beach club and a spectacular outdoor swimming pool, both ensuring memorable times under the sun.

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