Limited Edition X-Panda Bicycle by Marc Jacobs

The new X-Panda bicycles represent a dream come true for any fashion enthusiast who loves to spend some time on two wheels from time to time. Light, beautiful and signed by a famed fashion designer, these bicycles represent the result of a fruitful collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Panda Bicycle – a firm that specializes in creating fully functional bamboo two-wheelers.

X-Panda Bicycle by Marc Jacobs (6)

These limited edition bicycles come in 5 distinct color variants namely black, red, yellow, blue and green, each color being handpicked by Marc Jacobs himself. The stunning two-wheelers boast an unmistakable porteur style, even though we imagine they won’t actually be used to carry heavy loads. They are made in Fort Collins, Colorado, and only 10 of them will ever be available for purchase worldwide, a fact that makes them highly exclusive.

Apart from their exclusivity, the X-Panda bicycles by Marc Jacobs will also come with spicy price tags of 4 digits, which will surely limit the number of potential clients, no doubt.

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