Limited Edition La Vie est Belle Fragrance by Lancôme

The Limited Edition La Vie est Belle Fragrance came to be thanks to a collaboration between Lancôme and two renowned companies famous for music box manufacturing and for their crystal products. As you might suspect, we’re talking about Reuge and Baccarat, whose experts helped in the creation of a splendid handmade collector’s edition of one of Lancôme’s most prestigious women’s fragrances.

La Vie est Belle Fragrance by Lancôme

As you can see in the picture, the La Vie est Belle perfume bottle is arranged neatly as a centerpiece protected by two glass bell jars. This exquisite display of elegance and grace also involves a crystal chandelier and a music box. At the touch of a button, said music box begins to sing the “Beautiful Days” tune that was showcased in the La Vie est Belle campaign. Furthermore, the Baccarat-made chandelier we mentioned earlier flaunts 133 crystal drops and 48 crystal tubes, honoring the aforementioned campaign in its own way.

This unique product required 120 days of hard work in order to be complete, and it will soon become available for purchase at the Lancôme Institut. We don’t know anything about the price at this time, since Lancôme stated that this particular information will only be available upon request.

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