Limited Edition Colnago for Ferrari CF8 Road Bike

Ferrari is one of the most famous sports car manufacturers in the world, but the company offers its customers and bicycle for all ages.CF8 Ferrari seems to be the codename of the newest of the Italian supercar, but it is a bicycle made ​​in conjunction with those from Colnago. Bike has a carbon fiber frame and a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic shifter.
Bike, which weighs 6.9 kg, will be produced in 200 units, but 10 are already allocated online store the order is such a means of locomotion of “immature”, the client receives from the Customer Service form to customize the Ferrari bicycle, so it unique. Buyer will be asked exactly what to measure its height or shoe for a more accurate personalization.

Limited Edition Colnago for Ferrari CF8 Road Bike (2)

The new Colnago for Ferrari CF8 represents the apex of Colnago technology in the production of carbon fibre frames.The frame is ‘handmade’ to measure which, due to our special technology, allows us to assemble the carbon fibre tubes and connectors and obtain a result of extraordinary rigidity and strength. Full carbon wheels, on the other hand, are the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate wheels, starting from the hubs, continuing with the spokes and finishing with rims of a highly aerodynamic profile.To these masterpieces, the handmade Vittoria tubes of 23mm section are added.

Ferrari’s price is 14.620 euro CF8($16,675)  It is a limited series of 200 pieces available out of which 10 are produced exclusively for Ferrari.



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