Limelight Dancing Light Collection

Piaget loves ladies!It has just launghed four unique models with a special design that will certainly be needed by any lady.A lovely thing is that each watch has a corresponding, a season.Every watch has something special and it is represented of different elements and colors.

Limelight Dancing Light Collection (4)

So,the spring watch has 128 of diamonds.The dial is a combination of green and pink pearl powder.The elements that define this model are butterflies ,or simply dresses in diamonds.

The summer watch has 71 of diamonds on the case and the dial is made from dust of blue and white pearl  and has 101 gems.As defining elements in this watch we have bees, flowers and a small detail to note, are those ears of wheat in the lower quadrant.

The autumn watch brings the different palette of colors.Besides the 126 diamonds on the case, the watch has a dial in purple pearl powder, which is highlighted by the three types of leaves.The winter watch has 72 diamonds on the case and 15 on quadrant of blue pearl powder.

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