LG’s 84 inch Ultra-High-Definition

LG launched its first ultra HD TV on the market.Diagonal of the first Smart TV capable of displaying the resolution 4K content is over 2 meters. In the past, there was technology called Ultra HD 4K, because vertical resolution of about 4,000 pixels. The Ultra HD offers resolutions of up to 4 times faster than current 1080p technology.Specifically, LG has launched a TV 84 inches inci/213 that can display content at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

LG's 84 inch Ultra-High-Definition (1)

Named LG 84LM9600 ,TV incorporates a 2.2 stereo system, ability to display 3D content plus a self-calibration utility.The TV has also many gadgets included as  Magic Remote which behaves similar to Nintendo’s Wiimote for a very easy interaction with huge panel.The price of the tv is $19,999 ,but if you want others little details the price can rise.

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