Lewis Hamilton, Accident Under Nicole Scherzinger’s Gaze

Lewis Hamilton left Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium, after being protagonist unwillingly in a terrible accident involving four participants , including Fernando Alonso.Nicole was with her boyfriend at the Grand Prix of Belgium, nor the thought never crossed her it will have moments of terror.Nicole watched in horror as the vehicle its partner turns iron pieces, without having the opportunity to help in any way.Aged 34, the star was spotted by cameras looked desperate at images.Even though the scenes that followed were downright scary, with bits of car flying off the track, fortunately neither driver was seriously injured.Fortunately, all drivers are safe and Hamilton does not want to accuse his colleague that came with the car in it.

Lewis Hamilton, Accident Under Nicole Scherzinger's Gaze (9)

Lewis later said: ‘It doesn’t really matter, what happened is in the past, we have to move forward. Tomorrow is a new day and I just look forward to the future.I look forward to getting home and putting this race behind us. In fact the whole week has been a tough one.’

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