Letizia, Princess of Spain. From a War Journalist, a Sophisticated Princess

Everyone talks about Kate Middleton, but there is another corner of Europe with a princess of the story fascinating. It’s Princess Letizia of Spain.t was a courageous journalist and traveled in the hottest parts of the world – Iraq, Mexico, New York – during attacks.She was married, and her sister committed suicide because of depression. However, she found the prince and live together happily ever after.

Letizia, Princess of Spain. From a War Journalist, a Sophisticated Princess (1)

It has royal blood but has the blood of journalist

Father of Princess Letizia was a journalist by profession and grandmother – a radio journalist known in Spain. It’s no wonder that before becoming a princess, was a successful journalist. Letizia studied journalism at the University of Madrid and has specialized in broadcasting.She started to work since the trials for several newspapers, and after finishing school, she spent some time in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she worked for the newspaper Siglo XXI.In 2000, she moved to television station TVE, and in August 2003, before they become engaged to Prince Felipe, was promoted as the presenter of the evening news – the most watched in Spain.Highlights of her career happened all these years: to broadcast live from the attacks of September 11, sent from Iraq and sent reports in northern Spain on oil ecological disaster.

A strong woman behind a strong man

Letizia had another marriage – civil only, fortunately for her. Even if they were behind 10 years of relationship, they divorced after a year. 4 years away, to the surprise of many Spanish Royal House announced her engagement to Prince Felipe.After only one year, Letizia was already pregnant with her ​​first child, who was … girl!  “For now, a princess was born. If your administrative reform, may be even the Queen, “said Prince Felipe.The two did not stay for nothing and the next year, Princess Letizia remained pregnant again and was still a girl. The four now make up a beautiful family, and Letizia is the right hand of her husband.

A style-icon accomplished through official visits

Princess Letizia excel in another area – is a perfect fashionista and Kate Middleton would you even learn from it. Very elegant and modern, it is the dream of any young.Letizia shines in every appearance, and what is most impressive about it is that dares – so far, only its coming out this Diana.

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