Led Zeppelin T-shirt Sold for $10,000 on eBay

If you don’t know much about Led Zeppelin, then we can tell you that it was an English rock band that was formed in London in 1968. The T-shirt you see in the images was used as a backstage pass at one of the band’s concerts at Knebworth House in 1979, and due to its exclusivity and heritage, it was sold on eBay for the ridiculous price of $10,000.

Led Zeppelin T-shirt Sold for $10,000 on eBay

This made it the second most expensive t-shirt ever to be sold on eBay, as well as the rarest and priciest Led Zeppelin shirt in the world.

This amazing apparel piece was first purchased by Stormcrow-Vintage from the family that printed the T-shirts in the first place, and after putting t up for auction, it was bought by an anonymous Australian citizen that surely must be the happiest Led Zeppelin fan in the world right now.

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