How To Lay A Great Christmas Table

If you don’t really know how to decorate a Christmas table, don’t worry, we’re here to help! We all know that Christmas brings together a lot of family members and friends, which is why the Christmas table must always look perfect no matter what.

Christmas Table 1

Christmas Table

And while the dishes that are about to be served on it might differ from household to household, a gorgeous set of Christmas table decorations is always a welcomed addition. Here are some quick tips on how to lay a perfect Christmas table:

Preparing The Table

The first thing you need to keep in mind when preparing your Christmas table is the table size and its placement. If your dining room is not big enough to accommodate a large table, then you should consider moving it into a long hallway. The living room can also prove a marvelous location, since guests would be able to admire your Christmas tree and presents while enjoying the delicious meals you prepared for them.Christmas Table 2

Secondly, you need to decide whether you should extend your table, especially if you are expecting a large number of guests. You can easily extend the Christmas table by joining it with a garden or picnic table at one end, but you can also improvise using an MDF sheet placed on top of a smaller table. Also, make sure that your tablecloth is long enough to cover the extension!

Another important aspect involves the seating arrangements, which should be as comfortable as possible. If you are short on space, you can use benches or stools instead of conventional chairs, since these would definitely occupy less space.

Organizing the seating plan is also very important, especially since a Christmas meal can last for several hours. You don’t want your guests to become stiff while sitting in the same spot for hours, which is why it is a good idea to allow some guests to switch places from time to time. Hand-written place cards can also help a lot here.Christmas Table 3

Finally, make sure to protect your table from accidental spills! You can put some rubberized protectors underneath the tablecloth, while heatproof mats placed along the table can also help protect against damage from hot dishes.

Choosing The Decorations

Now that you’ve settled on the size and location of your Christmas table, it’s time to choose the perfect decorations. You can start off by buying some inexpensive Christmas tree decorations such as glittery stars and bubbles and arrange them neatly alongside matching napkins and tablecloths.Christmas Table Decoration

However, at a certain point you’ll need to make a gorgeous centerpiece. This can be made from holly branches mixed with berries and other Christmas related elements that are placed in a low vase. Here’s another thought: glass candles bundled up in the middle of the table and surrounded by silver foliage. You can also place a small gift in front of each seat, as this will surely be appreciated by your guests. In order to keep things simple, buy the same product for all the men and do the same for the women!

Christmas Table Decoration 1


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