Lavish Tread 2G Watch by Devon

As the official successor to Devon’s Tread 1G timepiece, the Tread 2G is definitely an improvement over its predecessor in all regards. This luxurious timepiece is scheduled for a preview during the upcoming Baselworld event, where it will surely receive a generous amount of positive feedback.

2G Watch by Devon 5

2G Watch by Devon 1

What makes this unique timepiece so special is that it is actually made of 18k gold to its core, which means that everything from its case, crown, stem, bezel, caseback, clasp, screws and strap were manufactured using the famed precious metal. To make things even better, Devon’s experts decided to equip their newest product with solid gold movement motor covers, but they didn’t forget about the indicator plate and adjustment plates, which were also shaped out of the same material.

Apart from its stunning looks, this watch also features great reliability and versatility, since it is able to withstand underwater pressures at a maximum depth of 31 feet, while its power comes from a special batter that can be recharged wirelessly. This battery is able to ensure enough power for up to 28 days on a single charge, which is a remarkable and highly useful addition indeed.

2G Watch by Devon 2

2G Watch by Devon 3

2G Watch by Devon 4

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