Lavish Reále Mercedes-Benz Motor Coach

With an armored exterior as well as luxurious interior living arrangements, the Reále Mercedes-Benz Motor Coach represents an epitome of safety, comfort and refinement.  The vehicle was designed and manufactured by a California-based company named Lexani Motorcars, which specializes in creating bespoke luxury coaches.

Lavish Reále Mercedes-Benz Motor Coach (2)

This lavish home on wheels is able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes regarding opulence, boasting high-end finishes, precious materials and outstanding amenities throughout. Conveniences include leather seats, a fully equipped galley kitchen and a superb bathroom with marble floors, a gold-plated sink and a hidden coat rack.

Lexani Motorcars also provides its potential clients with an opportunity to personalize their luxury motor home, whether they prefer certain colors, textures or equipment. The price for all this exquisiteness can actually exceed $450,000, but owning such an extraordinary vehicle is surely worth every penny.

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