Lavish ME London Hotel by Foster + Partners

The spectacular Me London Hotel was sketched out by Foster + Partners, and it ensures luxurious accommodation options for its guests in addition to breathtaking views of the city. Since this is Foster + Partners’ first hotel in the United Kingdom, it meets the highest standards concerning comfort and opulence.

Lavish ME London Hotel by Foster + Partners (1)

The building was designed to match the neighboring and recently restored 1904 Marconi House, which received a complete interior reconstruction in order to accommodate 87 apartments. Consequently, the hotel’s scale and height as well as the materials used in its construction match those of the Marconi House.

This 157-bed hotel boasts triangular oriel windows as well as minimalistic details, upper level terraces and a Portland stone facade. The main entrance is protected by a wide glass canopy, and it can be found on street level, marked by a towering elliptical structure. On the top of the tower there is a glass cupola that comprises the ME penthouse suite, boasting exquisite views of the city. For a plus of elegance, the interior windows are screened by opaque glass sliding panels instead of traditional curtains.

Upon arrival, guests go through the Marconi lounge found on the ground floor, before making their way to the first floor where the champagne bar and dedicated hotel lobby dubbed The Atrium awaits. The Atrium is a remarkably spectacular area nestled within a nine-story pyramidal space boasting impressive light shows. The rest of the interior arrangements follow a yin-yang pattern, featuring crisp contrasts of black and white.

Modern and highly luxurious, the ME London Hotel is truly a one-of-a-kind establishment.

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