Lavish Five-Star Cave Hotel in China

The Chinese never cease to amaze us with their ingenuity and skill regarding construction projects and technology. Their latest undertaking comes in the form of a 19-storey hotel with 380 rooms that is being built inside a 328 foot-deep water filled abandoned quarry located at the base of Tianmenshan Mountain.

Lavish Five-Star Cave Hotel in China (6)

Actually, only 17 stories will be built inside the huge cave, while the other 2 will be completely underwater. The hotel was sketched out by a British-based firm called Atkins, and it will reportedly require about 3 years of hard work before it is complete. The entire project is worth about $527 million, and when complete, guests will have to pay about $305 per night to be able to experience its wonders.

The two submersed floors we mentioned earlier will flaunt an underwater restaurant, guest rooms and an aquarium with glass walls. The rest of the hotel will include a banqueting hall, a sports center, conference rooms and several restaurants. Guests will also be able to enjoy themselves by practicing thrilling activities such as bungee jumping, rock climbing or various watersports.

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