Lavish Fall-Winter 2013 Collection by Charlotte Olympia

Collection by Charlotte Olympia

Collection by Charlotte Olympia

Luxury footwear brand Charlotte Olympia recently launched its stunning Fall-Winter 2013 Collection, which comprises a series of intricately designed boots, platform sandals and platform pumps that look like they just came out of a fairy tale. To clarify, these shoes were created using high-end materials adorned with exquisite patterns, including embossed leather, embroidered satin, felt and printed velvet.


Enchanted Shoes

The Enchanted platform pump is a true epitome of sophistication, flaunting a tree-trunk high heel as well as exquisite calfskin adorned with a superb golden shade. The price for all of this extravagance is $1,395.


Marion Shoes

The Marion knee-high boot boasts a perforated shaft layout, and it was made using metallic Nappa. As you can see in the image, few footwear pieces would be able to match its elegance, while its price is an equally unmatched $3,295.

Rapunzel Rapunzel

Rapunzel Shoes

The Rapunzel Rapunzel platform sandal is absolutely magnificent, featuring the well-known face of Rapunzel embroidered on the front. Moreover, the figure’s classic long blonde locks flow elegantly onto the sandal’s ‘T’ bar and ankle strap, while a series of Swarovski studded adornments add a final touch of luxury and opulence. As expected, this exquisite footwear comes with a price tag matching its exclusivity, $1,595 to be precise.



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