The Largest Underground Trampoline In The World Is In Wales

A trampoline guarantees exceptional entertainment opportunities for adults and children alike, and even though there are many versions and sizes of trampolines available in the world, none can match the sheer size and exquisiteness of Bounce Below in Wales.

Largest Underground Trampoline In the World

This amazing setup of 3 massive trampolines can be found underground, within a mining cavern called Llechwedd, and it will open its doors officially on July 4, 2014. Access is achieved via a train ride that ends at an outstanding cavern that impresses instantly with a remarkable display of colored lights. Prior to embarking on the train, visitors are given helmets and cotton overalls for protection purposes. The trampolines at Bounce Below are linked by stairs and slides, one of which measures a whopping 60 feet in length.

Bouncing around in an underground environment while being surrounded by rainbow-colored lights definitely sounds like a recipe for great fun, which is why Bounce Below has a good chance to become one of the world’s most popular trampolines.

Largest Underground Trampoline View

Largest Underground Trampoline Panorama

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