The Largest Indoor Beach In The World Used To Be In Japan

What were the Japanese thinking when they decided to build the world’s largest artificial beach just a stone’s throw away from a real one, we’ll never know, but what we do know is that this incredible attraction definitely managed to make a name for itself before it was closed.

Largest Indoor Beach Japan

The Seagaia Ocean Dome was opened officially in 1993 in Miyazaki, Japan, but it was eventually shut down in 2007. The massive dome had a width of 328 feet as well as a length of 984 feet, and it featured a wide array of impressive attractions such as a flame-spitting volcano, a fully functional retractable roof, artificial waves, artificial sand and palm trees. The constant ambient temperature of 86 degrees F was also a big plus, we imagine, while the water never went below 82.

This thing was basically a perfect beach during its glory days, more so since it could accommodate as many as 10,000 people.

Seagaia Ocean Dome 2

Seagaia Ocean Dome 1

Seagaia Ocean Dome 3

Seagaia Ocean Dome


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