Largest Banyan Tree in Hawaii

One hundred and forty-one years is enough time for a Banyan Tree (Ficus Benghalensis) to become large enough to cover a whole block (or about two thirds of an acre). We are obviously talking about a particular Banyan fig, one that is located in Lahaina, Maui. Add this to your already packed list of reasons to visit Hawaii.

Largest Banyan Tree in Hawaii

The tree was planted on the Front Street back in 1873, on the 50th anniversary of the first Christian mission in the town. Standing 60 feet tall, the tree has spread its branches as if trying to embrace the entire local community. Sitting under its long “arms” is usually a quiet and relaxing experience in the mornings, this being an excellent place for meditative moments or people-watching.

The 200-foot area that the tree covers is made up of a main core trunk and 16 additional ones, which makes it look like a small forest rather than a single organism. It is one of the largest Indian Banyans in the world, so local people take pride in it and help maintain its shape. Unfortunately, not everyone embraces the “green spirit”, as the scars on the trunks and branches prove.

If you do visit it, make sure you take your pictures and leave no marks behind. Oh, and if you happen to be there in the evening, take some time to notice the lively chatter of birds as they gather onto the tree’s branches for the night.

Banyan Tree in Hawaii

Banyan Tree Hawaii

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