Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Grand Tour in Italy

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, famed Italian automaker Lamborghini organized a grand tour that started off in Milan and ended in Bologna, where the company’s headquarters is located. The event required the participation of 350 Lamborghini cars, but only vintage and modern models with a valid license plate were allowed entry.

Lamborghini's 50th Anniversary Grand Tour in Italy (9)

Therefore, the vehicles participating in the event included some extraordinary models such as Espadas, Miuras, Urracos, Jaramas, 350 GTs, Diablos, 400 GTs, Murcielagos and Countaches.

The route chosen by Lamborghini for their grand tour passed through the amazing panoramas of Lombardia, Toscana, Lazio, Umbria and Emilia Romagna, with stops in Forte Dei Marmi, Grosseto, Roma and San Giustino Valdarno. On May 10, the cars finally arrived in Bologna, where the final celebrations were held.

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