Lamborghini Aventador J at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

A luxury car made appearance at Geneva ,called Lamborghini Aventador J,Lamborghini has paid special attention to this year’s edition of the Geneva Show. Italians have exhibited a unique model that could easily become the star Swiss exhibition.Only one man can enjoy of this gem because the new and unique Lamborghini Avendator J  is for sale!The J comes from FIA rules in section where you can find specifications of various classes of racing cars.Aventador J uses the 6.5 liter V12 engine and 700 horsepower. Power is transmitted to all four wheels, top speed is announced over 300 km / h And it all ends connotations eccentric Aventador J has no roof, no windshield. And also disappeared and the air conditioning and electronic navigation.The interior is dressed in a new material called Carboskin, it is a mixture of carbon fiber and a special resin, such material is flexible and very durable.Lamborghini Aventador J also benefits from specially designed wheels, 20 inch front and 21 inches in back, trimmed with carbon inserts to help cool the brakes better. In addition, the rear diffuser and spoiler have been specially designed for this model.

Lamborghini Aventador J at 2012 Geneva Motor Show (10)



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