Lady in Red Three Actresses Who Struck in Red

Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone was named People magazine’s best dressed actress of the week.The three drew all eyes in short dresses and red hot than May 1 next.Elizabeth Banks in 37 years, she turned all eyes to the Teen Choice Awards 2011 Gala where he promoted the comedy Our Idiot Brother.

Lady in Red Three Actresses Who Struck in Red (1)

The actress and her husband, producer and journalist Max Handelma sports have become parents of a boy born this spring with a surrogate. “The fact that I became a mother I will not stop his career” said actress is preparing another 2 great movies for 2012: The Hunger Games and What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Rachel Weisz was also in the spotlight this week with the premiere of her latest film – drama The Whistleblower and the first public appearance with her ​​newly husband Daniel Craig.

Emma Stone has promoted it in this week’s drama The Help. Emma came in the spotlight these days and the romance with her ​​new boyfriend Andrew Garfield plays with in The Amazing Spider-Man

The two confirmed that they are together, “Andrew is one of the most dedicated players. Either must appear in a romantic or dramatic scene, he leaves me messages on mobile phones, which I must respond, or sneak various lines before starting the scene to make me better respond to what was in the script, “said Emma.

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