Kymera –the First Electric Jet Body Board in the World

Kymera is an innovative device – the world’s first electric jet body board –and was designed by Jason Woods. The board weighs as little as 48 lbs and it is not large, so it is easy to carry by hand and can be stored without any effort in your car. It might look ordinary, but its 1000wh li-ion powered electric engine tells a different story. It enables the electric board to reach and maintain a speed of 30 mph for around an hour. Even though the device was created for entertainment, in the future it could serve as a very useful item for life-guards as it would be cheaper than the boats they normally use and still be able to carry the savior to the victim very quickly. Kymera offers great comfort to users and is also a ‘green’ device, so it is not unlikely that it will become a big hit among water sports enthusiasts and life-guards alike in the near future.

Kymera –the First Electric Jet Body Board in the World (5)

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