Kuwait Is Building A $132 Billion City

Kuwait ispreparing an investment of 132 bilion dollars in an unprecedented project:building from zero a new city called “The Silk City”.A skyscraper of 1,001 meters ,nature reserves,homes to 700,000 people and railway network to link the new city of Damascus,Baghdad ,Iran and China-all this in the new pearl of Kuwait:”The Silk City”.

Kuwait Is Building A $132 Billion City (4)

Inspired by Dubai’s fabulous growth and helped by rising oil prices,Kuwait wants to transform Madinat al-Hareer – “City of Silk” an important business center in the Middle East. The project includes a grand metropolis of skyscrapers of 1,001 meters, after completion, will be the tallest structure on earth, a bridge will connect the banks of Kuwait Bay, a natural reservation of 2 square kilometers, an Olympic stadium, a new airport, a seaport and a rail system that will link Kuwait to the Arab countries and China.

The new town is expected to provide 430,000 jobs and provide housing for 700,000 people. The city will consist of 25 neighborhoods linked by artificial lakes and parks.


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