Kruger National Park The Window to the African Wild

The oldest reserve in the world, a symbol of salvation and preservation of specimens of fauna and native African landscape, withstood a great time pressure and adversity historians.Visit was almost a duty for every tourist in South Africa.You enter a world apart, offering an empire still wild and unforgettable memories is probably the best place for safari in the world.

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Kruger covers the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga South Africa, Zimbabwe is bordered north and east by Mozambique.Currently part of a border zone of protection specific conservation status characteristic biotopes southern African continent. It’s the Great Limpopo Transboundary Park, a region which, apart from Kruger National Park, includes Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park.

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Park marked the beginning of the so-called safari tourism, where visitors explored the wilderness of the refuge off-road vehicles.If just one year after its opening, only three cars crossing the park in 1929, no fewer than 850 cars were running on reserve roads.The altitude varies between 200-840 Kruger relief of meters, the highest point being Khandzalive hill.Its territory is crossed and Letaba rivers, Luvuvhu, Sabie and Olifants, the courses of water ensuring the survival of herds grazing along the harsh dry season.

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Kruger National Park contains four major vegetation zones of distinct populations of herbivores and supporting carnivores who made famous the reserves.Class Aves (birds) includes a total of 517 species of birds, of which 253 are resident within the borders of the park, 117 are migratory and the remaining 147 species are appearances totally accidental.Kruger is home to 147 species of mammals, more than any other reserve in the Black Continent, the famous ‘Big Five’ – elephants, rhinos, lions, buffaloes and leopards – are very well represented by vigorous populations.

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In Kruger live quietly about 27,000 African buffalo, black rhino 350, between 7000-12000 white rhinos, 200 cheetahs, African wild dogs 350, 1,500 Lei, 2000 spotted hyenas, leopards 1000, 90,000 antelope impala, 18,000 zebras, giraffes 5114, 300 Eland antelope (the largest in the world), 3,000 hippos, antelopes 9600.



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