Kim Kardashian Works Hard to Stay in Shape

The fact that Kim Kardashian is pregnant didn’t stay under the radar for long. Probably because she didn’t really want that, as most pregnant celebrities love the spotlight. And obviously, since she is a public figure, going out of shape was not an option, so she adopted a strict work-out schedule to lose weight easily after she gives birth. Tracy Anderson is her personal trainer and he developed a routine designed especially for Kanye West’s sweet heart. The exercises revolve around toning muscles and rely on dance cardio.

Kim Kardashian Works Hard to Stay in Shape (2)

Kim is doing her best to maintain her gorgeous figure; she even hits the gym late in the afternoon. The exercise program was meticulously planned by the trainer, as Kim’s petite stature could get in the way of her losing weight after birth. However, her sister Kourtney will probably act like great inspiration for her, as she lost an amazing 4lbs in just 6 months after giving birth to her daughter Penelope.

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