Kim Kardashian Wedding $ 10 Million

When she announced their engagement we all know that the wedding is likely to be special, but no one hasn’t imagined that follow.The reality show star made ​​no secret of the fact that when she will marry with Kris Humphries this summer will be the party of the century.”I always imagine that I’ll have a fluffy wedding”said Kim Kardashian.Preparations for the special day they have exceeded all expectations and the total amount estimated is of $ 10 million!Her sister Khloe said that “I am joking from time to time saying that it will be a royal wedding.”Her friends support the idea and said that it expected a massive ceremony.Hardly a joke with this event.Even Kim says she wants an extravaganza like the one at Buckingham Palace.Money is not a problem for Kardashian family especially when it comes to the wedding of one of the girls ,said a close of family.

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Planning in detail

“Kim is very demanding .Always prefer fine fabrics and you can hear exclaiming
“I just do not want cotton, I want only French cotton !”,said her sister Khloe.Her sister continue adding that :”As is exaggerated but it’s never mischievous.Kim knows what she wants and will always have what she wants it.That I love her as always exudes that air of diva”.But to put together all the details of such a perfect event it will not be an easy task.Kim realizes that wedding knocking at the door and she began to be stress.She wants to be sure that all goes well and that there will be no problem that can not be solved.

The future bride said that”I am very excited and I tried a lot of dresses.I admired the Christina Aguilera dress and I liked the shape.Now I am thinking how I could put togheter all the elements of them and to do my dream dress.”A close of family said that she wants to have even two or three dresses designed by Vera Wang.Of course that Kim is committed massive and very bright jewelry,as her ring of engagement which worth $ 2 milion.
The set of jewelry that she will wear will definitely be impressive.”She will have more jewelry which match with every outfit.It ordered her personal stylist more sets with diamonds which her to choose.”The surprizes will not let expected.Kim intends that after her wedding ,she and her bridesmaids to dress in comfortable but trendy outfits as they have done and Khloe’s wedding.The decor is very important.This can damage the all wedding if it will not be arranged to please bride.The entire event will be televised.Kim loves white roses and chose a rare species in Africa that look great in the light and the bride’s bouquet will have roses, crystals and diamonds for extra shine.

Guestlist!Who would be predent and who will miss!

Jennifer Lopez-Kim met her idol in Miami and having fun together.

Nicole Richie-Kim was invited at Nicole’s wedding but she could not reach.

Jay-Z and Beyonce-The rapper is is co-owner Kris’s Team,New Jersey Nets.

Kelly Osbourne-The star was and at the Khloe’s wedding.

Avril Lavigne -She has a busy schedule and she could not honor the invitation.

Brody Jenner-Half brother of Kim wasn’t present at the Khloe’s wedding.

Paris Hilton-The two don’t understand in the last time.

It will be a wedding in family!

The Ring Bearer-Mason-Nephew of Kim and Kourtney’s son will have a difficult task but beautiful.

The Handkerchief Bearer-Grandmother Mary-She will play the role that girls mother ,Kris Jenner played at Khloe’s wedding.

Bridesmaids-Kylie,Kendall,Kourtney and Khloe-All the sisters will made the impossible  that wedding to be one of dream.

Escort down the aisle-Bruce-After her father’s dead ,Kim will be led to theaisle by her mother’s current husband.

Knights of Honor-Scott Lamar and Rob-They will be near the Kim.

Master of Ceremonies-Kris-Who knows better than mother of Kim to keep speeches?

A dream wedding means a a generous bill!

Luxury Location

The family intend that rent a elegant hotel in Beverly Hills.The total cost?Almost a million dollars.Mindy Weiss may charge them with $250.000.And in terms of security,security and protection firm owner Steve Stephens estimated cost $ 200,000.Total cost :$1.450.000.

Expensive Jewelry

Kim and Kris will made the rings at the house of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.These can cost $1 milion,but the whole set of jewelry will cost around $3 milion.Donnie Brown is expected that the new couple to invest $ 750,000 in bridesmaids outfits.Total cost: $4.750.000.

Dream Wedding Dress

A classic from the Vera Wang dress cost $ 20,000 and it seems that the bride will wear three dresses.Plus accessories and creations by Sutor Mantellassi for her husband Kris.The costs will be of $500.000.


Kim wants to treat their guests with expensive menusThey will get the caviar, special burgers, truffles and a special cake with delicious cream.All bottles are decorated with precious stones.The total cost:$750.000.

The Most Fine Champagne

Although the couple are not fans of alcohol guests who will worship in their honor a glass of champagne.The total cost:$400.000.

Flowers and Decor

Luxury florist Mark’s Garden has dealt and Khloe’s wedding decor.Costs are not just small.$500.000 will be only the flowers plus tents,lighting and dance floor.The total cost:$ 2 milion.

Makeup, Styling and Professionals Photography

Luxury Saloon Waren Tricomi has priced in excess of $50.000.The total cost: $100.000.


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  1. pia

    This kim Kardashian is a total loser and princess wanabee. she has no taste in handbags, shoes, clothes, etc. She is sooo Tacky she has no taste in what classy is. She is good for one thing, and that is working at HOODERS or walking the streets, she should fit right in with the prostitutes. It’s no wonder Socialites and Actors don’t want to be seen around her. Get a real job Kim and get a real life.

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