Kim Kardashian In a Completely White Outfit at the BET Awards

Since she is Kanye West’s girlfriend,Kim Kardashian came out of mischievous mouth and more recently  poses with celebrities as Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.Kim Kardashian has joined boyfriend Sunday night at the BET Awards. Reality star wore a white, beautiful dress.

Kim Kardashian In a Completely White Outfit at the BET Awards (4)

The star has accessorized outfit with a pair of golden sandals with thin straps, which were matched with zipper in the back of the dress.The two lovers have matching outfits, so Kim wore a simple white dress and Kanye wore a pair of white pants and a simple shirt.But the surprise came when, on the red carpet, has appeared actress Eva Marcil, wearing a dress similar to the Kim Kardashian wore it, the only difference making it a zipper.

Bored at the event she began to tweet about her family’s reality show, which ran during the ceremony: “Those on the East Coast is now open on TV!!It started Keeping Up With The Kardashians!! Who’s excited? “.

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