Kim Kardashian Engaged! Shows Off $2M Engagement Ring

TV star Kim Kardashian is probably in ecstasy after she got engaged to her boyfriend, Kris Humphries.The two decided to take their relationship to the next level.Well, it seems that Kris finally decided he’s wanted to be the man in Kim’s life and popped the question. Obviously Kim said yes and the two are now engaged to be married.

Kim Kardashian Engaged! (2)

Kris bought the “perfect ring” for his sweetheart ,which cost $2 million.The 20.5 carat diamond ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz and features a classic design; a 16.5 carat emerald cut center diamond paired with two smaller 2 carat each diamonds placed on both sides of the center stone.According to her statement, she has been dreaming of such a ring since high school, when she bought a fake “perfect ring”. Kim said:”In high school I went to Macy’s and bought this fake ring, my ‘perfect’ ring, and this is almost the exact same.”

Kris, who is a true gentleman decided to pop the question but not before asking for Kim’s hand in marriage from her parents, a couple of days before he asked her.Kris waited in Kim’s bedroom where he surprised her by writing with red rose petals “Will you marry  me?” and bending on the knees with the huge rock in sight.It seems that the rest of Kim’s family had no idea of the surprise as Kim’s parents and Kris kept everything under wraps.. Kourtney Kardashian said: “We had no idea! We were both surprised at the dinner when Kim came out with her big rock and she started waving it in the air.”Kim’s sisters were so excited by the news of their sister’s wedding, that they could not refrain from sharing the joy of their fans via Twitter site.

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