Killer Queen Fragrance by Katy Perry

Katy Perry is definitely not a newcomer in the perfume industry, since her previous scents were highly appreciated around the globe for their youthful and joyful aromas. This time around, the famed singer decided to go for a more elegant and complex approach, so she created the spectacular Killer Queen fragrance in collaboration with Coty Inc.

Killer Queen Fragrance by Katy Perry (5)

The perfume is part of a more extensive collection that includes a shower gel and a body lotion, but the fragrance itself is definitely the centerpiece. The packaging involves an intricately designed bottle that resembles a queen’s scepter. Moreover, the official motto is “Own the throne.” The product will be retailed in four different variants, including 3.4 oz. for $59.99, 1.7 oz. for $49.99, 1 oz. for $39.99 and 0.5 oz. for $20. As for the perfume itself, it boasts top notes of bergamot, dark plum and wild berry, complemented by floral touches of rainbow plumeria, jasmine sambac and red velvet flower. The end result is an exquisite aroma that manages to impress deeply and instantly, much like the unmatched beauty of its creator.

As far as the name is concerned, Katy stated that she was inspired by Freddy Mercury’s song “Killer Queen”, which also happened to spark her imagination ever since she was a young little girl. The fragrance will be launched in August and it will definitely prove to be a remarkable success, much like the previous Meow fragrance and Purr-fume signed by the same talented American singer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist and businesswoman that is Katy Perry.

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