Kilian’s In the Garden of Good and Evil Trilogy

Kilian Hennessey used the Myth of the Original Sin as inspiration for his In the Garden of Good and Evil fragrance trilogy that was unveiled at the end of 2012. The spicy scents integrated into the perfume represent the never ending battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil, the contrast between sin and virtue.

Kilian’s In the Garden of Good and Evil Trilogy (2)

The fragrance that opens the collection is called In the City of Sin, a city with no moral boundaries, no rules, only absolute freedom. The scent of it is irresistible featuring notes of exotic, plush, fruits and spices that remind of the road to the City of Sin that draws you to in, making it impossible for you to turn back. The defining element is cardamom, but the perfume also includes pink pepper, cumin, musk, patchouli, rose, plum and cedar scents.

Forbidden Games is the second of the trilogy and it explores the temptation of ripe fruit. The most evident tones in the perfume are of geranium, jasmine, rose, apple and peach, but if analyzed carefully the fragrance also flaunts honey, vanilla and opoponax scents.

The last perfume of the line is the Good Girl Gone Bad and is designed for the women that love the lives they live, that aren’t afraid to make bold choices in the pursuit of happiness. This fragrance boasts a powerful note of Jasmine, among rose, narcissus, osmanthus and tuberose. Vetiver, patchouli and woods are the more silent aromas of the perfume.

The 50mm bottles of the In the Garden of Good and Evil line come encased in a white clutch flaunting a gold snake slithering above it. You won’t mind splurging $245 on this marvelous fragrance.

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