KICHERER CLS Edition Black

Germans from Kicherer have created a body kit and performance package for Mercedes CLS 500. Thanks to its German model produces 470 hp and 690 Nm.

KICHERER CLS Edition Black (7)

German tuners from Kicherer decided to reveal their new public project. It is based on the Mercedes CLS 500 and is called Black Edition. The Germans have developed a performance kit and a package model manufacturer in Stuttgart aesthetic. First we talk about performance package. Normally, the CLS 500 has 408 hp and 600 Nm from a naturally aspirated V8. Germans have recalibrated the ECU and replaced with a sport exhaust system for an additional 62 hp and 90 Nm.

To rein in the new “stud” tuners from Kicherer have opted for a more powerful braking system. In Chapter aesthetic, the Germans have created a body kit also aggressive and elegant. The German model was painted in matte black, received a set of wheels RS-1 20-inch and the front grille and mirror housings have been replaced with carbon fiber. The interior boasts highest quality materials like door sills in piano lacquer.The chassis was refurbished to match the exterior character of the car with a HighEnd Foliation in matte black and carbon.

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